How can I find a DTLR store location?

You can find a DTLR store location by clicking the store locator section of our website. Each store is listed by state.


What is your policy regarding franchising?

All DTLR locations are owned and operated by DTLR, Inc. We do not franchise.


What is your policy regarding wholesaling?

DTLR does not wholesale merchandise.



How many pairs can be purchased for limited edition items?

Customers are only allowed to purchase 1 item per size range (i.e. Men's, Grade School, Pre-School, Toddler, and Infants).  There will be no exception to our policy.  All orders that violate our policy will be canceled. 


Can you send me a free product or discount coupon?

Please join our mailing list to receive all of our promotions. You can also find discounted products at our stores.


Do you offer a military discount?

 We sure do. We offer 10% off your subtotal. Sadly this does not include release items. To start saving click here


Why do I see multiple charges on my account?

If there are problems with the purchase and you click "Submit" multiple times on the payment screen, your credit card may be charged more than once. If you receive multiple confirmations of payment, contact respect@dtlrshop.com for more assistance.

How does DTLR approach Credit Card Fraud?

Shopping on DTLR.com is safe and we plan on keeping it that way. DTLR is committed to the prevention and prosecution of online credit card and mail fraud. Some of our actions may include:

  • Verification of Cardholder identity
  • IP tracking and registry
  • Issuing a summons through our attorney to your ISP
  • Telephone contact with the cardholder
  • Confirmation of a valid, commercial e-mail address
  • Requirement of signed authorizations
  • Examination of all orders for fraud indicators
  • Reporting all fraudulent and chargeback purchases to local, state and federal authorities

If you make a charge and then refuse its validity or enact a chargeback, DTLR will vigorously challenge all claims. 
We regret that, in some cases, these measures may result in inconvenience to legitimate customers.

Please note that orders that are declined by our internal fraud system are subject to cancellation.

In the rare event that a fraudulent order is not detected by our screening process, DTLR will report the fraud to the appropriate legal authorities and provide them with the necessary information to complete an arrest and effective prosecution. The fraud will be reported to your Internet Service Provider for action under their Acceptable Use Policies. We may also initiate a civil action against you.

BE AWARE: Credit Card Fraud Conviction Carries Penalties up to 10 Years Imprisonment and/or a $10,000 Fine

U.S.C. Title 18, Section 3056, Subsection (b), specifically authorizes the United States Secret Service to detect and arrest any person who violates federal criminal laws relating to credit card fraud and related activity in connection with computers and/or access devices.

Remember: this is for your protection as well as ours. We want you to shop worry-free!


How can I get DTLR to sponsor an event?

If you would like DTLR to sponsor your event, visit our sponsorship page and adhere to our sponsorship guidelines. A representative from our Marketing Department or Community Outreach Department will contact you if we would like to pursue the event further.


What is DTLR's in store Return/Exchange Policy?

All in store exchanges are allowed with a receipt and unworn merchandise with all of the tags still attached. You must process your return within 30 days of purchase. We do not give cash back for returns. You will receive a DTLR gift card for that is good for one year.  Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept the DTLR gift card on our site.


For online orders, please see our returns page.


I am looking for a certain item. How do I find out if you carry it online?

For product inquires such as size, style, pricing, and availability please contact DTLR Online customer service department. Our customer service personnel are equipped to research any item that you want in the store's system.


I am looking for a certain item. How do I find out if you carry it in a store?

For product inquires such as size, style, pricing, and availability please contact your local DTLR store. Our store personnel is equipped to research any item that you might need additional information on. If the item you are looking for has been found at another DTLR location, the item can then be transferred to any DTLR in your area for you to purchase.


How do I apply for a full-time management or part time sales position at a DTLR store?

If you are interested in applying for an open management position at our stores, we ask that you submit a resume and cover letter at www.DTLRJOB.com. If you are looking for any other store position, please visit any DTLR location to fill out an application.


How old do I have to be to work at a DTLR store?

You must be 16 years or older to work at any of our stores.


How do I become a DTLR model?

We are constantly looking for male models for our advertising campaigns, as well as, female promotional models to work at our events. If you are interested in either position, please submit a resume or brief description of yourself along with visible photos (head and body shots only) to contactus@dtlr.com


I want to be a street team member. How do I apply?

Street Team member positions are part-time and on as needed basis. To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to contactus@dtlr.com.